Apr. 6th, 2015

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So I have never been a runner, you could say I'm allergic to it. I'm asthmatic and overweight, not the right mix for running. Today I got invited to do a different kind of triathlon, yoga/meditation/5K. Yoga is one of my goals for the year & while I can do it meditation is something I have been wanting to get better at so 2/3's of this triathlon is something I can really get into, but the running scares the crap out of me!!!!

So I hit maybe on the invite and started thinking, do I really want to try this? Turns out that it's a yes. Maybe I'm crazy and I'm not sure I can run a 5K even with 7 months but I really want to do this. Motivation to get healthier and work on my goals.

So starting today I'm training for a triathlon. Thinking I may try to blog/journal/write about this. (Another one of my goals)

Possible names:
A non-runners journey to a 5K
My path to yoga & a 5K

Either way my first entry:

4/6 - today I did 30 minutes of introduction yoga, walked for 20 minutes with some very very light and awkward jogging and did a 7 minute work out I have been trying to do daily for a few days now. Meditation up next.

Wish me luck!


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