Jun. 4th, 2015

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I am so proud of my baby girl. So mad that she had it happen to her, so sad for the child who tried.

Yesterday when hubby went to go pick up the kids the after school care pulled him to the side to explain what had happened.

A little boy (kindergartener) who was playing around with the other kids including my little girl (1st grader) went up to another little boy and put his head on the other boys clothed private area, which my daughter witnessed then went to my daughter and told her he was going to go diggin in her private parts and placed his head on her clothed stomach to move down. She pushed him away and went straight to the teacher. She and the other boy told on the boy who had done this. The after school people placed him on time out & then told his father what had happened when he came to pick up his son.

I'm so proud of her. I constantly tell my older son about this stuff, but and had told her occasionally something, but hadn't really tried to emphasize the issue (after all she's only a 1st grader) then a few weeks ago I had taken the to the doctor for there annual check up & the doctor had told them both not to let anyone touch them. Knowing the questions would come, I went into full mom must explain mode and majorly stressed that no one should touch without concent and that they were both to young to understand what they were consenting to so they couldn't consent. Told them no matter who it was that they had nothing to fear because they would not get in trouble (unless they lied), that no matter how much they were told they would by the person who tried to touch them that they wouldn't because the one who would get in trouble was the toucher. They knew that what they were doing was wrong so that's why the wanted it kept a secret. That rape was illegal!!! Promised them both that I we would never think bad of them and in fact would be proud that they stood up and told the truth. I just didn't expect it to happen within two weeks of this conversation.

But yesterday thats what happened. My little girl said to me she remembered what I said and she went straight to tell a teacher. She had no fear and thankfully doesn't seem to be to upset about the whole thing.

Which brings me to mad. Nothing happened to her, she stopped it and knew what to do, but seriously she's only a little girl. This sucks and the other little boy who, what would he have done, would he have told if it wasn't for my little girl. What if this would have been an older child trying this and more or worse an adult. Ugh!!!!!

Yet instead if being mad a the little boy I find that I am sad for him. The fact that he said diggin, that he said private part instead of something else. There all indications that this little boy saw something he shouldn't have or that something happened to him. How traumatizing for him. My daughter said that she wasn't going to be friends with him anymore and we had to say to her to not judge him to harshly. That he might not have know what he was doing was wrong. It goes against everything I believe to sit there and say to her to give someone who tried to touch her a second chance, but this little boy has never done anything else to her or anyone else. She plays with him regularly. Goodness he is only a kindergartner.

So we explained to her that as long as her never tried anything again, she should be ok to be friends with him but if he did she should tell on him again & then not be fiends with him. We also had to tell her not to tell the whole school what happened unless he tried something again.

It's so sad. Whatever he saw, those won't words or actions of a curious child or even a molesting or disturbed child. They where of a child imitating with in their child's mind limits, reenactment of something they saw or worse.

As a parent it's so hard to tell your kids about the real monsters and you want to hide them from the truth for as long as you can and while this little boy isn't a monster yet, but if he hadn't been told on, what could it have lead to? If I hadn't just talked to her would my little girl have said something?

So proud, so mad, so sad!


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