Sep. 1st, 2015

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Is been so long since I check LJ & even longer since I've written anything here. Wow time files.

Life is so busy at home there is not much time for extras.

The main home remodeling project is finally seeing the end of its run. We are at details. Tedious and slow but, but details always signal the end. Where does this go now that we moved that, are we keeping that, why are we keeping that, do we use this wall plate or that wall plate. This doesn't look right let's move it, oh shoot we forget to add this wire bring the TV down again. This is my life!!!

My life has all but stopped because of this remodeling. No space, no time, no energy for yoga (or at least no more than yoga stretches though out the day). No way to keep a normal schedule to allow for walking. Not when the plan for the day takes 2 hours longer to do than planned as the consensus meetings require 3 & 4 explanation repeats to my mother who argues that everyone patronizes her, but then refuses to listen the first 10 times she is told something.

Honestly it's exhausting. I love her and all but sheesh.....

The worst part is that I'm at a place in my life that may cause me to leave this home I am remodeling.

Back story:

Idiot brother and I don't get along. Haven't since we were kids. He has refused to respect my privacy and contantly pushes my buttons on purpose (then he wonders why I don't hang with him). Growing up Cuban and being the older sister means I should have aquiest to him. You don't get him, he's just a little boy at heart, you have no sense of humor. No I don't get him, and when I try to get along he pulls stupid shit and says hurtful things, no his not a little boy he's a grown man who refuses to grow up. No I don't have a sense of humor when it comes to his shit, I lost it 15 years ago when he refused to respect me. Why should I give him respect and why should I acquiesce each time. Life and relationships are about balance and when it comes to him there is none!!!

So idiot brother marries bigger idiot and they have kid. She divorces him and leaves him and kid. Realizes she has nothing uses kid and idiot brothers like of intelligence to worm back into a relationship and is now idiot brothers girlfriend (whom according to her he has asked to remarry, if we believe her).

At last big blow up between idiot brother and myself he moved out of our home. Moved in with friend of family and she (hubby calls her Y because she is past being an ex and because he can't figure out why idiot brother got back together with her) moved it right with him. Y was not allowed to live in our home again as per mom & dad.

Back to present:

Idiot brother not paying rent, Y is once again sucking the money right out of him. Problems insue as usual.

Mom is now wavering on let her move back in. Says she doesn't want to and can't live with either of them and their idiocies, but do-do bird can't handle life and she can't let him be homeless and she is his choice so we have to tolerate, we can't let their baby be homeless, blah blah blah!!!

Yes he can handle life, he chooses not to, yes she is his choice and we have to tolerate not live with, I feel very bad for my nephew but this is my brothers life and sooner or later he will have to take responsibility for it.

So her current plan is when he askes to move back and bring Y with him mom will demand both of their checks go straight to her and she will give then an allowance. Yep 36 & 26 year olds will be totally ok with living on an allowance from mommy, NOT!!!! Still if they go for it it means she can manage their money and move the out faster. Per her plan.

Thing is it's not a bad plan if they could stick to it. They won't and if I'd they do six months after they leave they will be back for round 3 (yes this has been tried before).

Hubby and I are just tired of the cycle. If he moves back in with her, it's stress on everyone. They don't communicate or coordinate with anyone. They don't clean up after themselves, they let the baby run around with no supervision from them. My kids end up the babysitters stuck in there rooms to make sure he doesn't destroy them. It's even more exhausting than the current remodeling project.

The other thing I should mention is that financially it's not currently wise for us to move out and potentially disastrous for my parents who have had a few rough years with work and my mom being jobless 3 times. They are currently finally sound (hence the remodeling that the house needed). This will not last if idiot brother and Y move back in. They drain!!!!!

For us it means hubby leaving the family business which is finally making some money though not enough to give hubby the pay he deserves. This means putting his family in jeopardy too.

We are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Unfortunately we also have to think about us and our babies. We have come the the agreement that if they move back it we are giving my parents 6 months to move them out or we move out. Current estimate says April 1st, 2016 is decision day. Seems appropriate. After that it's find new job for hubby and find cheap living space until we can get on our feet.

This sucks! In so many ways it would be easier if I didn't care.

Sadly true!

Still life should get easier between now and them moving back & maybe I will get lucky and they won't or can't. My spell to have him move out after the last blow up worked and is still in place (or at least the resulting foot is) Mom has no clue I did this!!! Truth is he was heading that way anyway so he could live with Y again and if I wasn't so sure this cycle was already in place and that it would have failed anyway I might be bitching at myself for pushing him out to fast.

Oh, how I long for a boring life.


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