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It’s that time of year again, Birthday time. This time of year I get anxious, what will go wrong this year? Will I be sick, will there be a catastrophe, will there be a death, or will it be a blissfully quiet and uneventful birthday. Yes it says a lot about my previous birthdays but there it is. The 5 days before, the day of, and 5 days after my big day I often wish I could hid under a rock and not come out.

This year my loving and wonderful hubby who hates to see me suffer though this thing called a birthday has decided that he wants me to have great birthday this year. He wants me to actually celebrate it. I was terrified. I’m like do you mean celebrate the day, the week, or the whole month because I don’t think I can handle the much celebrating you know. And he’s all like at least the weekend, we can keep it small, but you’re celebrating. So after some debate I settled on the fact that apparently I was celebrating my birthday this year.

Of course when hubby says at least the weekend I really should have known better. We had decided to go on a mini vacation with some friends and their kids to Orlando to go to Aquatica and my friends tell us they want to take us to Kobe a Japanese Steakhouse that my friends love up there. To my surprise what do I get, yep, my friends had set me up. Their daughter’s birthday is the day before mine so we both had Happy Birthday sung to us Kobe style. I got to wear a hat and everything. My husband swears that he did not know until we walked in and our friend told him, but looks like he’s getting his way. Not only did we have a blast at Aquatica, because there are nine of us we had the hibachi table ourselves and we had a great time. I can honestly say I thought to myself if this is how it going to go, I may be in for a great birthday after all.

Of course it’s now birthday week so my nerves are a wreck. Still I’m optimistic. I’m hosting a CAH party on Friday to kick of the weekend. It will be full of wonderful witches with a wicked sense of humor, so I know it will be great. Saturday plans are currently up in the air since I have the school meet and greet for my baby girl’s school, but I’m hoping to do something with my family after. Maybe something out of the ordinary (will see). Sunday has Yoga by the Bay which I’m hoping to get to, some unplanned time in the middle, and then dinner with the same friends from Orlando (this time without the kiddies) at the Melting Pot, yummy!!! Monday on the big day, hubby and I both took the day off. So after dispersing the kids to school we are planning a day enjoy each other’s company. No plans are solidified and I’m good with that. To end the day with cake once everyone gets home.

There are no looming storms brewing in the Atlantic, I am doing extra dosing myself with Vitamin C starting today, and all home and family issues are currently and pleasantly on the shelf. It’s not an all-out bash or anything, but considering it’s a good start.
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