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Note: I wrote this on Wednesday but forgot to post.

The results are mostly in and I would say by birthday was not a complete success, but has been pretty good so far. In my last post I said how the 5 days before the day of and the 5 days after could be fair game to disaster, or something like, so let me catch you up.

Five Days to go – Last Wednesday

My son who regularly forget to charge his phone had failed again to remember this oh so simple and very important task, so on the way to drop him and my daughter off at camp while in ridiculous traffic for a non-school week, I am ranting and raving at him at the need to be responsible and what if there was an emergency when I looked out the front of car and say smoke. Yes smoke!!! I though oh oh who is having car problems, and then I realized that it was me. So I pulled over into the closest gas station and checked out what was going on under the hood. Sure enough the steam was coming from my cars radiator section. Now I have known that my little car was having some issues and that one of the fans was not working properly, but everything had been maintaining. Luckily I saw the steam early on and my once hubby came back for us, he was pretty sure that the traffic with one working fan caused the radiator to overheat and the cap didn’t hold the pressure so it went pop. He was mostly positive that I hadn’t killed the radiator or the motor. Since it was still working, we drove the car to the family shop and left it there for parts to arrive. Got back into the car dropped off the kids and camp and a whopping 2 hours later I made it to work. Now this is not the best way to start off the countdown to b-day but, I shook it off and counted myself lucky that it was a minor and someone expected break, it could have been much worse. I could have not realized it and killed my car. The rest of the day was uneventful for the most part.

Four Days to go – Last Thursday

Was a completely regular day…I held my breath. I did find Greenman Brewery Porter in my local Total Wines.

Three Days to go – Last Friday

This was a great day. I left work early to have a mani-pedi done, got my nails painted purple felt very pampered. It’s always a good way to start your Friday, a short work day and a pampering session, ah. Jorge picked me up and we got the kiddies and when home to play Cards Against Humanity with my very awesome and witchy friends. It was a blast. Lots of Wine, lots of laughter, lots of raunchy and awesome cards and best lots of fun!!!! I also got gifts…. I got a beautiful Hecate Tile, more wine, beautiful Seership Key earrings that I can’t wait to wear, Hyssop Oil, and a CAH type expansion pack. They were awesome. But honestly the best part was just having everyone over and having fun. It was one of the best birthday celebrations I have ever had…PERECT!!!!

Two Days to go – Last Saturday

and Crash and burn….. Saturday morning I woke up early. It was not a planned day but we did have my daughter’s meet and greet at her school to attend. There was some question as to if my car would be repaired after the meet and greet or what else we would do, but nothing was solidified. I decided to go for a walk to and maybe make the three mile mark that day (preparing for Wanderlust in October). Convinced my mom to go walking with me, but she is limited on how much walking she can do so we agreed I would walk to the park, about 3/4’s of a mile away just past my grandmother’s house. She would meet me there, we would walk the ½ mile up and ½ mile back, where she would then go back home via car and I would hopefully walk back home adding an extra half a mile at the end to make the 3 miles. So off I went, walking, listening to music, great rhythm going and suddenly wham, I’ve tripped getting onto the side walk and after a few stumbles I crashed straight into my grandmother’s chain-link and bush covered fence. I was stunned a disoriented for a few minutes, my mom arrived with my brother who was driving her just after it happened. This of course lead to a trip to the hospital emergency room, a CT Scan (which revealed no concussion, thankfully), a tetanus shot (OUCH), and an order of no stressful activities for the next few days (There went Yoga by the Bay the next day). Still again it could have been worse. I did not ultimately twist and fuck up my ankle (the one I had surgery on two years ago), I did not have a concussion, they did not have to stich me up and cut my hair. Oh and nobody caught it on video and put it on YouTube. The rest of the day was pretty much get some rest and make sure nothing else feels worse.

One Day to go – Last Sunday

On Sunday we woke up to made a very late breakfast, hung out, then got all prettied up to go the Melting Pot with some friends for a grown up double date to celebrate my birthday. We had a delicious dinner, a couple of Apple Martini’s, lots of fun, and my hubby and I convinced them to go on a cruise with us in January. This couple is a couple than hubby and I go out with a lot. Their 3 girls and my 2 kiddies are all in the same age range usually means we are outnumbered, but even so going on vacation with them is a blast so it’s something I look forward to. We just got back from Aquatica earlier this month and they had already been asking when we were going on vaca together again. They’re family, and as much fun as Friday was, Sunday was my perfect in a completely different way. Afterwards we went home and got the kiddies ready for the first day of school.

The day of…. IT’S B-DAY!! I’m officially 39

Let me say again it is also the first day of school. So I knew this was not going to be a great day. I am not blaming it on what I consider my birthday curse, it just the way it is. The first day of school is fraught with issues. Late buses, confused schedules, and hellish traffic are all part of the wonders of a new school year. That being said I was all off that day, so I did not have to take that traffic to work. We dropped off the kiddies at their prospective stops and then when to Lots of Lox for breakfast. Had a wonderful and relaxing breakfast, then hubby and I headed back to the family shop so I could read and he could fix my car. Once the car was done, we headed home and relaxed for a little bit. Had some awesome birthday sex and relaxed some more. Then reality intruded and we headed off to a quick lunch and to pick up the nephew, and the kiddies, then to get stuff from Publix so hubby could make one of my favorite meals a Spanish version Sheppard’s Pie that my Mother-In-Law introduced me to and some really delicious Red Velvet Cake. One dinner and Happy Birthday Song, a bunch of Happy Birthday Wishes via text, phone, and facebook, and a few more gifts later I wrapped up my birthday with a warm and happy feeling. It had not been the greatest of days, but it had been a good one!!!!

One day after…. Tuesday

So traffic was not any better on day two HELL!!! I was late to work by thirty minutes and was lucky it was only thirty. My brother, who was supposed to walk my son to the bus stop, let him walk most of it by himself (not cool), he was picked up only 15 minutes late and only got to school twenty minutes after the first bell, but really its only day two. Oh and I realized that I am going to have to throw my soon to be sister in law, whom I don’t really know, a bridal shower, cause she doesn’t have family here and my mother in law is already helping with all other things wedding. So bridal shower planning began. I have to say unfortunately this sounds like regular kinda day for me, so I’m calling it a wash. Oh but the natural disaster now looks to be heading our way….. At least if it hits, it will be after the 5 day mark so Smiles. Also went to dinner with the witches before heading over for Georgian Training, the day had a good ending after all.

Two Days after…..Today

Since for the most part this has been a good birthday, lots of ups and downs, but the downs could have been so much worse, and the ups were really good and even great ups I’m calling it a success. I’m going to stop counting the days after today and just say that all is good. We have a looming storm sure, but a few days of rain and maybe an extra day off from work sound good to me. I have a shower to plan with my MiL, which I’m hoping to make fun and light since it looks like my new SiL’s parents didn’t get there Visa approved and may not make it to the wedding, so I get to do some bonding (it’s been a while). I have a full calendar of events from here to March and I just put in my candidacy for First Office of our local council. OMG this is going to be a crazy 39. It will be my 40th before I know it. Maybe I’ll consider a full B-Day bash to officially break the run of bad birthdays. One whole year to consider, hmmm…
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