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Jan. 11th, 2015 10:52 pm
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It’s that time of year again. It’s time to review my list of goals for 2014 and see how well I did. I don’t do new year’s resolutions but my coven rededicates each year at Imbolc and we set a list of goals for ourselves and for the coven to do for the year. I had a lot of goals for this year…

1. Prepare an emotional healing moon (seagull). So I did this early on last year in April, the ideas were blooming from the start and I it came out so well. I did this meditation that had everyone become a seagull. Everyone had to nourish themselves with something they need from the sea and then soar to heavens to get a message from the gods. It was beautiful and I think everyone enjoyed it very much. Since I had gotten it done early I released this goal and Mabon.

2. Working with Polar Bear energy. The card read “Stand up for yourself and speak your truth respectfully and compassionately, with no attachment to outcome.” So this card ended up being about my personal self, rather than my magical practice. I have had several encounters this year that speaking my truth has resulted in better outcomes that I expected and even the ones that ended in not so great outcomes ended with me parting ways with something or someone unnecessary in my life, so I consider this a win anyway. I didn’t realize how often I held my tongue only to blow up when it all got to be too until I stopped holding it in. So this energy has been good for me. While I am releasing this as a goal, this is an energy I plan to continue to work on in my life. I will speak my truth, for whatever the outcome may be at least it will be an honest one.

3. Read one chapter a month from Farie Teachings. So this one started off real well. Along with Meeow712 we were keeping a good pace of about a chapter a month. And kept this pace up for at least half the year. Or right up until surgery interfered. Between pain and post surgery brain, I wasn’t feeling magickal at all. Truthfully even my fictional reading slowed drastically and nothing keeps me from my smut novels, so that is saying a lot. Still I started the year with one chapter read and I am ending the year on Chapter 11, which I think is great considering. I’m going to be releasing this goal this goal and replacing it with finishing this book and starting book 2, The Tree of Enchantment. Plus Orion is coming out with a new book which I am pre-ordering tonight…Yippee, I can’t wait.

4. Read 2 other Pagan/Wiccan books. Oops, this one did not go as well as I would have liked. I will finish one book, the Candle and the Crossroad, another Orion book. I’m seeing a theme here. Still considering everything that has gone on with my ankle and the surgery I am happy with this fail. I am going to be releasing this goal though. I’m not sure if I going to add another similar one or if I just going to go with the reading flow. Must think about this....

5. Work with Zeus and Hades connection. So this sort of went nowhere, while I have a working small and shared altar for Zeus and outside area for offerings to Hades and have been keeping up with offerings as I have felt the need to, but I have come to the conclusion and they have played a big part of number 2. I think I have needed their help and energy to tap into the polar bear’s energy. This feels right and ties into the feeling I had from the beginning. I felt that I had something to figure out with their energy and I am pretty sure I’ve done that. I’m going to release this goal as well. I don’ plan to stop working with them, but I don’t feel the need to make it a goal at least not for the next year.

6. Keep working with Hecate, a. organize a better offering at TTT, b. continue working on regular practice, c. attend at least one Numenia. So I’m really happy with this goal. The offering at TTT was better organized, in the TTT program and was attended by around 30 people. It was awesome. My regular practice has continued quite well and even when I wasn’t able to do so because of my surgery, she pulled at hubby so he was bringing her offerings. As for the Numenia, I believe I only got to attend one, so at least I accomplished that. Plus she got a whole ritual at TTT which I participated in, so I repeat I am really happy with how goal worked out. Working with Hecate has been on my goals list for several years. This is a goal I am going to have to think about. I’m releasing this one specifically and I feel like I am in a really good place with my working with her, but I am not sure I don’t want to have a goal that involves working with her. Must consider.

7. Become more involved in pagan community, EMLC/TTT. I think I did well on this goal. I only got to one EMLC meeting which I am not happy with, but I did do a workshop at TTT, help out in main ritual and in planning main ritual, run the wreath contest again and I am hoping to contribute a poem to the EMLC podcast for Imbolc. I’m just waiting to hear back on a technical issue to be able to send it off. I’m keeping this goal. I want to be more active in the community and feel I need to keep working on it so, so while happy this goal is staying on the books.

8. Get a butterfly tattoo for Psyche – DONE and so BEAUTIFUL. I love my tattoo. I am so happy with it I just love to look at it. Psyche is happy to. Of course now I want like twenty other tattoos, I want keys, a tree of life, a Disney tattoo (undecided what), hearts, and like a million other things. Must pace myself….. plus hubby and I have a deal. One tattoo me, one tattoo him and with money tight its limited funds for tattooing. But I can’t wait for my next one. I released this goal to at Mabon, so yeah me.

9. Draw up an official will – Still have not accomplished this one. This may have to roll over till next year (I still have a few weeks left before Imbolc), but it will get done. Thinking of buying the software to make them up and do it ourselves and get then get a few copies notarized. This may be the best solution.

10. Continue working on health – Ok so this one got a lot more complicated than just dieting like I expected. My ankle needed a whole work up to it and I consider this working on my health since a bad ankle means having issues exercising, but my dieting went nowhere. It’s so hard to diet and put the energy into it when you’re in pain and unable to do the simplest things like walking or showering on your own. Still I think I am back on track with this for now as I am starting to walk more and eat healthier again since I can control what I feed myself rather than rely on my mom’s cooking or my hubby making something specific for me to avoid mom’s cooking. He’s been great this year with all this, so to add one more thing to his plate seemed cruel. Still I am going to release this goal and replace it with something a little more specific. Do yoga once a week, keep journaling my food since it helps keep track of calories), or something along those lines. This may even turn into a few different goals

11. Go back to school – ok so this is not going to happen. Originally I thought that I might find and on line course to finish my bachelors, but unless I go into Criminal Justice, nothing a FIU would talking me anywhere I would want to go and Criminal Justice will only help me if my office makes changes and I can take that and some account courses to go further in my current unit at work. Currently this will not help. So at Mabon I decided to change this to start Georgian training, which means I have to officially ask to start taking Georgian training…which I was totally going to do, as soon as I felt up to it after surgery, which I have not felt up to tackling at all, up to now. So I will consider this goal incomplete, but I will officially asking my HP/HPS before Imbolc arrives.

In wrap up I am happy with my goal list for 2014, even with the surgery adding major hiccups to the goals I got a lot accomplished and I am happy with this. Now it’s time to start working on my 2015 goals list. Can’t wait to find out what do I plan to accomplish this year!!!!
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So 2013 was once again a busy year!! I limited my goals in hopes of making it easier to accomplish and for the most part I have done or am working on it. Happy with most of my progress at least :)

1. Attend one meeting with EMLC, even if thru Internet - this one I got done in person - took it further and volunteered to help out at Turning Tides and I have even managed to ever so briefly attend a second thru conference call, though I had to hang up as I really couldn't hear half of what was going on. Going to try and expand in this next year, though I am not sure if I am making it a goal. Need it think about.

2. Keeping working with Hecate - this one I had sub-goals to accomplish. I had to finish reading the book on her I was trying to read at the time and read a second one - proud to say I got that one done. As much as I live to read, study books have never exactly been easy for me to read. Reading is a mind numbing fantasy world for me that often acts as a relaxing and meditative tool for me, study books don't quite work this way. The third was work on a daily practice - fail! Total fail but I am ok with this. My life does not have room for daily anything and I am going to revise this to work with my life. I will say that I did do very well at regular offerings to her and at honoring her, so I am happy about that. Plus, she decided she needed a chant to honor her at Turning, so I with her nudging came up with one & did a small offering to her at TTT. So all in all I am happy with this goal.

3. Read first book in Orion Farie seership series and work on Farie seership workings - did not finish. But technically started. Meeow712 and I are going to be reading a chapter a month and discussing it. The whole coven is invited to join us in reading or in many cases re-reading it and a few others might be, plus since our HP & HPS know there stuff, they are going to be helping with the breath work & hopefully the many questions we will have :). That puts this goal as a work in progress, to be revised and continued for next year. Yeah!

4. Work on obtaining better lifestyle: a. Start eating better & b. Start and stick with a exercise program - this one had its ups and downs. Was sort of doing ok with to start, but family life got really complicated and we stared ordering Cantina in order to be able to have dinner before midnight. This is where the eating well went completely down hill, there is no such thing as healthy Hispanic Cantina. We are all so sick of Cuban food it's not even working anymore either so we seriously need to come up with a better plan, but nobody who can a - be reliable and b - cook is home before 6:30 - 7 on a good day, so options are limited. Sticking to an exercise program was going better better but not great until my arm went numb and then I had to physically therapy and guess what, I now have a regular exercise program 2x's a week there. Even better it doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon and they are probably going to add core exercises to the whole thing as my new rehab md feels it might be good for me. That and weight loss, which hello was part of the original plan to begin with. So while I have lots to work on with this goal and I have not succeeded anywhere close to what I wanted I am at least working my way back to the right path.

5. Learn about and start working with Zeus - done & done. Sort of anyway, Zeus has very little information out there and what is out there leans toward Hellenic Reconstruction which does not work at all for me. Still what I read and learned was enough to give me a good basis. One of my moons this year I dedicated to him & though not his, used the runes to do a reading. The reading indicated that I would run into a block on my studies for him, and right about Samhain, wham Hades shows back up wanting attention. I also always felt that candles would not work in honoring him so instead I offer him rain water. I have a cup on my altar for his rain water and a jug I use to collect the water whenever it rains. I prefer thunderstorms, but as it is winter beggars can't be choosers, so any rain water works. Need to figure out what to do when it doesn't rain. I also have a few stones on my altar for him including one that is made when lighting hits the road that was given to me by a friend. I take time when it does rain to hail Zeus and all in all I have a good start on working with him. My cards for the upcoming year possibly indicate further growth here, but the original goal was to learn and start both which I have done, so check.

All in all I'd say it was a successful year. Next years goals are in the works. Lots to think about a little time left to decide. :)


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