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So last night I got this song in my head and it wouldn’t go away. Hecate by Wendy Rule began to spinning in my head around ten last night and just kept playing even as I fell asleep. I knew that the next day was her festival so I didn’t think anything of it, then came the witching hour. Around three in the morning I woke from what I assumed was a dream, one that I can’t remember. Looked half heartedly at the clock, just enough to register the time starting with a 3. From that moment on until I woke in the morning I drifted in and out of sleep and dreamed. Sometimes the dreaming happened in the liminial state where you are not asleep but you’re not awake either.
The dreaming was sort of fluid like, I would dream and come to a more awakened state and fall right back into the dream right where I had left off and each time I came awake I would have Hecate playing in my head.
The dream began in slow flowing flashes of a main ritual at the only festival I attend. Gathering, circling, calling quarters then I could see the set up of what we were doing. A person would step forward say something starting and ending with the same basic words changing only the necessary. It was a ritual in Hecate’s honor. Each person was coming forward with a different Sabbat of the year stating what Sabbat they were speaking of and how that Sabbat was her Sabbat. In between each Sabbat I kept hearing a voice stating a good friend who was suppose to be planning a ritual in her honor for this festival was not capable of handing this (not doing it, handling it) and then I would hear the names of three other women. I could only hear certain parts of the ritual itself and even as each Sabbat was called out I could only hear bits and pieces, but I could hear the same words repeated over and over. The other thing I kept somehow hearing or seeing is how each Sabbat was linked to another and how the whole wheel was a crossroads. The dream itself also seemed to get louder and louder in my head, moving faster and faster so that even as I was leaning towards an awakened state I could hear the words, and then once I was awake I would swing back into the song. It got bad enough that I finally came fully wake around 5 am and had to write it down. Once I did this the dreaming and the song seem to slow down giving me slightly longer periods of rest until my alarm went off around 6:30.
I know my friend is super freaked out about this ritual. She has stated that she doesn’t want to be the face everyone sees and judges. I also know she puts together awesome rituals so I know she’s capable of this. Her other problem seems to be that she feels it the wrong time and doesn’t quite connect year and the timing of it to Hecate and therefore cannot come up with any ideas of what she should do. She has stated that she is going to ask for suggestions from her group and I have in a previous discussion with her suggested she talk to our High Priestess about her worries and issues. I told her that she doesn’t have to be the face, just as the others have told her this. Still I don’t think she believed me or them.
I don’t want to take this away from her, and I am not even sure this ritual that I dreamed up was a concept that 1 works and 2 was actually meant to be a ritual. I almost got a feeling that it was a message from Hecate saying that she doesn’t fit into a mold and that she does fit for this festival even if my friend doesn’t think so. The message about my friend worries me more. Are we suppose to take the pressure off of her and come up with the ritual without her, are we suppose to help her do this with our support, is she capable of handling even that much stress relating to the whole event.
So in the morning I texted one of the ladies mention and we spoke about the dream in a very brief manner and asked her if she had had any crossroad, Hecate dreams and it turns out that she had even if they were vague.
I haven’t contact either of the other ladies yet and am hoping think and talk about this with other before I do.
The song still hasn’t left my head. All day long I have had that song and a song about a river in my head. The river song is funny because the main ritual space is next to a river even if the song is about another goddess. They alternate and even more comical is that I don’t’ know either song well enough to hear the lyrics in my head properly.
Still as I the heading of this post says Hecate is very persistent. Last time she got in my head this way I had a song for her spinning in my head and until it came out and was completed the way she wanted it did not stop. Even then the song didn’t subside in my head until it was memorized.
I wonder what I will dream of tonight.

Weird Dream

Jun. 2nd, 2014 09:12 am
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So I rarely remember my dreams & when I do they are never complete. This past week though I don't remember when it had one involving my ears & earrings. I don't remember who I was with, where I was or what I was doing. The only thing I remember is a unidentified woman grabs a hold of my chin, moves my face to look at my exposed ears and says. You are letting my holes close. Then in a very disapproving voice says. Don't let it happen. - and remember nothing else. I really don't even remember what she looks like. I remember the voice more than anything else.

The other thing is I didn't even know I had the dream until I went to put ion earrings Saturday afternoon. As I was putting on the first earring, the dream came back to me.

The funny thing is that I have four holes (two on each ear), but I only really use two. Lately if haven't been putting earrings on those either. I need to find suitable hypoallergenic earrings I can wear. I only really have one pair white gold and lately they bother me too. I wear hoops occasionally but if I wear them too long by ear gets crusty & I have to go a week without them.

I guess I need to go earring shopping!!


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