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The chief investigator where I work is retiring today. I have now know this man and worked with him closely for over 17 years. For the next 6 months if we are lucky he will be on a forced retirement leave and then the retirement system will allow him to come back to work. Weird system but after 30 years everyone deserves at least a 6 month break. I glad for him and even more glad that he is planning on coming back, but after 17 years of seeing him regularly, the idea of his retirement has left me feeling ungrounded. It’s amazing how fast time has gone. When I started at my office I was 23 and there were over 40 people ahead of me in seniority in my office. As of tomorrow, only 3 people from my starting date will remain, making me 4th in seniority. I’m also one of the 4 who have been here more than 15 years; the next closest has only been here 11-12 years. Wow! I mean wow. So much has changed. His retirement is bringing about some changes and over the next 6 months our office will run playing the waiting game. It’s made for some nervous energy in the office. We have already had one other person suddenly retire not wanting to deal with the upcoming changes. It should be interesting. We’ll see how we get by… Still I find myself feeling very emotional.


To add to those emotions, in a completely different direction, hubby accepted the managerial supervisor position at his job today. He has only been with the company since January but was asked to apply for this new position by the two other supervisors (one of them being his current supervisor) and by his big boss who as of two weeks from now will be his direct supervisor. It’s a big pay bump for us and makes this the 3rd big bump since last August for our family. First was my promotion to Paralegal, then hubby leaving the shop and joining this company, and now his promotion there. I am so proud of him! It’s bittersweet that it comes a month before his father is supposed to officially close the shop. (Supposedly the lease has already been signed and the sale of things has begun) I know it hurts him and I know he is nervous about the changes but for me it’s a chance for him to shine where his father would never have let him. Still I am very emotional about this, both happy and sad for him and so very excited too.


It’s funny how life works. So much happens it groups, its days weeks, even months of minor activities then suddenly everything happens at the same time. September will begin a rush of things that promises to keep me hopping for the next few months. Three bridal showers, three weddings, Wanderlust, EMLC Annual meeting where I am running for First Officer, TTT Festival in December, Halloween, Samhain, Thanksgiving, Yule, Christmas, a cruise in January, rededication, my baby girls 9th birthday, new promotion which might take hubby to Alabama for a few weeks, a Lindsey Sterling concert I’m hoping to attend with friends, and so much more. It’s like life has hit fast forward and I need to keep up. To top it off, on Sunday I was looking at my baby girl and noticed that her breast area looked puffy. Upon further inspection I realized that it was a swelling of the nipples and an ever so slight definition of breasts. BREASTS!! As in boobs, as in bras, as in puberty!!!! I just wanted to cry. She’s growing up on me. It’s amazing to think that, but it’s true. So much is going on. So much is bursting and blooming around me. It’s pretty amazing and very emotional.
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Hubby and I have great sex life when we have one most nights we are both so tired and its already past midnight that neither of us put for the energy for sex. Still it's a not so public goal of mine to manage to have sex at least once or twice a week this year.

Last year between the boot, the surgery, the soft cast, the hard cast, the pain and swelling once out of the cast, sex became a wishful thought. It's not possible to feel sexy and all hot and bothered when you have to spend a considerable amount of energy just to keep you leg in a position that it a. Won't be in the way and b. Won't hurt!!!

This year I'm finally getting back to normal and finally feeling as if I don't have to accommodate everything just to have uncomfortable sex. So we ended the new year with sex, started the new year with sex and woke up on the first day of the new year and had more sex!!! Yeah for us!!! We managed to have sex at least once more that weekend then the real world crashed in on us. Kids got sick and school with all its ridiculous amounts of homework started, the hubby began PT for his foot (he has plantar fascia) and got a night cast. Then I got sick and my asthma and bronchitis kicked in.

We had been managing to have sex a at least once every weekend, until a few weekends ago, when I got sick again. Sex and not breathing do not mix. Finally had sex last night and it felt so good, but of coarse it's a work night so it was after 1 am when I went to sleep (to not sleep very well as stated in last post). I don't regret last night. I'm tired and really don't want to work, but I don't regret it.

What I regret is that this is what it has come down to. Personal goals to have sex at least once or twice a week. Mostly on weekends! Sigh!!!!!!

I would love to have the energy for sex nightly and maybe I'm being unrealistic cause hello 2 kids, late 30's, very busy schedules, and a house full of interruptions is probably not the point in a persons life where nightly sex is possibly, but damn it is should be!!! Especially with someone you enjoy sex with, and I most definitely do enjoy sex with hubby!!!

Anywho!!! The point to today's rant isn't really to rant, but to put it down that this is a goal!!!! That I want to find the energy for once or twice a week and more if possible, that now that I am feeling better we can finally get back to interesting and not so position specific for accommodations sex. It's to clearly line out all the issues preventing it and remind myself that this is a want, a need, and bonus, it's a good exercise and very good for my health!! It's to remind myself that even when I'm tired and I didn't get enough sleep it was worth it!!!!


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