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Hubby and I have great sex life when we have one most nights we are both so tired and its already past midnight that neither of us put for the energy for sex. Still it's a not so public goal of mine to manage to have sex at least once or twice a week this year.

Last year between the boot, the surgery, the soft cast, the hard cast, the pain and swelling once out of the cast, sex became a wishful thought. It's not possible to feel sexy and all hot and bothered when you have to spend a considerable amount of energy just to keep you leg in a position that it a. Won't be in the way and b. Won't hurt!!!

This year I'm finally getting back to normal and finally feeling as if I don't have to accommodate everything just to have uncomfortable sex. So we ended the new year with sex, started the new year with sex and woke up on the first day of the new year and had more sex!!! Yeah for us!!! We managed to have sex at least once more that weekend then the real world crashed in on us. Kids got sick and school with all its ridiculous amounts of homework started, the hubby began PT for his foot (he has plantar fascia) and got a night cast. Then I got sick and my asthma and bronchitis kicked in.

We had been managing to have sex a at least once every weekend, until a few weekends ago, when I got sick again. Sex and not breathing do not mix. Finally had sex last night and it felt so good, but of coarse it's a work night so it was after 1 am when I went to sleep (to not sleep very well as stated in last post). I don't regret last night. I'm tired and really don't want to work, but I don't regret it.

What I regret is that this is what it has come down to. Personal goals to have sex at least once or twice a week. Mostly on weekends! Sigh!!!!!!

I would love to have the energy for sex nightly and maybe I'm being unrealistic cause hello 2 kids, late 30's, very busy schedules, and a house full of interruptions is probably not the point in a persons life where nightly sex is possibly, but damn it is should be!!! Especially with someone you enjoy sex with, and I most definitely do enjoy sex with hubby!!!

Anywho!!! The point to today's rant isn't really to rant, but to put it down that this is a goal!!!! That I want to find the energy for once or twice a week and more if possible, that now that I am feeling better we can finally get back to interesting and not so position specific for accommodations sex. It's to clearly line out all the issues preventing it and remind myself that this is a want, a need, and bonus, it's a good exercise and very good for my health!! It's to remind myself that even when I'm tired and I didn't get enough sleep it was worth it!!!!
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Ok so I usually do not talk about my sex life, it’s not something I usually feel the need to express or feel that people want to hear. Don't get me wrong, it’s a great, awesome, and interesting sex life, but as it is with the same man I have been having said sex with for the last 17 years and I have never truly had someone to talk to about it as some would have freaked out and others would have cringed and say you don't talk about those things, it something I rarely talk about.
Sex magic is also area I have never explored. Hubby is not witchy and not interested in being witchy. As this area belongs to him I never bothered to look it up or study up on it, which brings me to today's post.

WTF was that last night. It started out normal enough and for the most part was as vanilla, as we get. Not that we're super kinky, but kinky we can and usually are (it keeps things interesting). We were both tired and hadn't managed to hook up all week: kids that won't sleep + stress + bad work week for both of us = no sex for us :(
Still last night we heat up, lots of kissing and feeling and then Hubby's amazing tongue does wonders to me. Several orgasms, some repositioning and other fun stuff later, we get to the main event. A couple more o’s for me (yes I am very orgasmic, yeah for me) & hubby gets to his happy place bringing to my final orgasm. This is where things get weird… I went supernova, it took forever with wave after wave crashing thru me and things got fuzzy, really fuzzy almost as if I wasn’t here anymore right as or just before it happens. I’d gone dimensional. The world and hubby blurred as it went on and on and then suddenly it stopped, hard stop, and I was done. Not just done, I was spent. I had little to no energy left, rolled over to get water barley sipped it (and thank goodness it was out of one of those straw water bottles because I almost dropped it) and was asleep before I could blink, which is not normal for me at all.
Yes I can get sleepy and drowsy after, though just as often it I get hungry. Plus its usually cuddle time. So even when I am really sleepy and drained from the day, it’s rare either one of us give that time up. Even so the sleepy part I can get past. The extremely intense and mind altering orgasm is a different thing. I have had whoppers and really long ones too, but I have never felt like I was leaving this earthly plain.
It felt witchy and actually it almost felt as if that last one wasn’t even with hubby. Not sure if that makes sense. I could see hubby, and I know I was with him, but in that instant it almost as felt like I was jolted into the orgasm not receiving it as part of the night’s pleasures. Because I am so well sated by my last orgasm is usually a weaker and less mind blowing that the rest of them, not like the lighting strike that I experienced last night. I am really going to have to look sex magic up. Really going to have figure out where that o came from because it was not from hubby and if it happens again, really going to have to figure out how to protect myself or if I need protecting at all?


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