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So things happen in the shower for me. Not sure why but where I dont remember dreams often, in showers I get really zoned and in tuned. It's funny I don't really have a deity that associates specifically to water. Though rain/storms are there and it's an aspect of Hecate I need to work more on. So why showers do it for me who knows.

Still last night I zoned in the shower. I got that something big is about to explode in my life. Not sure if it's a good or bad explosion, but the pressure was bursting to pop and whatever is behind it is big. The Morrgain came to my thouhts with all the spinning she has been doing around the coven and the so far subtle hits I have gotten. But I got the sense that she was part of my future but not behind the force I felt. Oya sort of pushed her way in and her presence felt right as part of that pressure, she was all like I need attention too. I recently found out someone I know connects with her and I haven't had a really chance to talk to him. Orishas though my coven works with them, and I knew that they would play a part in my witchy life sooner or later, I have been hoping and working towards later. I guess I'm going to have to go with sooner & by sooner I get the feeling she means now.

This brings up a small problem for me. My middle name is Barbara as in St Barbara as in Chango and considering we have a statue of her that my parents give offerings to and that I my parents gave me the middle name on purpose in her honor ,I have always figured that my witchy life would lead to Chango. So last night after Oya I got the distinct impression that he was not going to be happy if he did not get attention and she did. Talk about a force!!!!!

It really felt like there was a few something else's too but I couldn't tell you who or what they were. I had the feeling like it was a dam about to break and what would flow through was going to be chaotic and would sweep away a lot of crap from my life. I have been working with the idea of prosperity. The amulet I made at Tides is for prosperity, and at the Dark Rider working that is the road I asked his help with. So I am aware that to clear the path for prosperity some stuff had to go, but this seems huge and slightly frightening so if the dam has anything to do with this working and I had a felling it did along with Oya, Chango and the other unknowns when the dam breaks of the force pops how ever this works, I'm not sure it will be all good at least initially, though I know that it will be for the best.


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