Goals 2014

Feb. 24th, 2014 11:11 pm
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This year when deciding on my magickal goals I decided I decided to try to control the amount of chaos in my life by filling it with goals. I figured if I was going to have a busy year like always, maybe by filling it with things I needed to do, I could keep from being overwhelmed. (We'll see how that goes). I also picked 11 goals because in the Tarot Major Arcana - XI is Justice/Strength depending on which deck you use. Justice, Truth, Balance, Strength, Patience, were all energies that seem to work with both what I wanted to achieve and with the polar bear card I had drawn to work with for this year.
Magickal Goals

1. Work with Seagull - prepare a moon evolving emotional healing. I actually have the basis for a moon already cooking in my head. I can’t wait to see how this pans out.

2. Work with Polar Bear Energy – Interesting! Associations for this card were Fearlessness, Purity, Leadership, Powerful, Provider, Self-Control, Strength, Wisdom, Nobility, Conservation, Intensity, Playfulness, and Adaptability. It’s a take charge of your life kind of card. Goes with the theme of this goals list and back to Justice/Strength card I keep pulling. So I guess I need to keep working on this. It will be interesting to see where this leads me.

3. Read 1 Chapter a Month from Farie Teachings - I am so excited about actually reading this. I wish this book was available in E-Books, I would have finished it already. The problem for me with having the physical book is that often my reading time is limited to Mass Transit. Which is not where I want to be reading this. Still working with Meeow712 and motivating each other to read once chapter a month I am hoping to work my way through it. Maybe even read more than one chapter a month.

4. Read 2 other Pagan/Wiccan Books - this is hard for me. I enjoy reading but I prefer to read fiction/fantasy it’s relaxing for me. Study books make me sleepy. Still I need to work on this so by making myself read a least two plus the Faire Teachings book, that’s what I am doing. Also, even though it not a goal for me this year, I figured I would start working on the reading list necessary for Georgian Training, this way when I finally do decide to make it a goal I have a good basis.

5. Work with Zeus/Hades connection – This one is hard to say where it will lead. I know that I keep getting pings from both of them and I know that I need to work with them, but I am not sure if there is some duality involved or what exactly is going on. I think this may connect back to some of the cards and runes I drew. It really may come down to nothing more than the need to acknowledge and work with both and maybe I am over thinking this. I don’t think so though. I really feel that there is something I need to figure out, so until I do, I will keep working on this.

6. Keep working with Hecate A. Organize better officering at TTT, B. Continue working on regular practice, C. Go to at least 1 Numenia. This goal is a continuation of last year. Hecate has involved herself in many aspects of my life, and I feel I still need to make working with here a goal. Almost has a way of honoring her, even though that is simplifying it. Still it’s the easiest way of explaining it.

7. Become more involved in pagan community - EMLC/TTT. Time is not always a luxury I have, but I need and want a deep connection to my community. I am understood there, I have a voice there, and though I don’t feel that I lack either in my day to day life, my spiritual side only gets this nourishment from this community and by becoming more involved I can give back what they give to me.

8. Get Butterfly Tattoo for Psyche – ok, it’s time. I have wanted a tattoo since before I was 18, and the farie/butterfly them for the back of my shoulder has been around that long. It has evolved from faire to butterfly but what and where I have wanted one has only evolved not changed. Psyche has had a lot to do with the evolution, she wants a butterfly tattoo and she wants it now. She has never really demanded much from me, but my as my path deepens and opens to other goddesses and gods I certainly feel she requires to not be forgotten and/or lost among the new. She has her own altar on my wall and my personal candle is on her altar so she knows I remember her. Still its tattoo time, income tax return is on its way. So hopefully be Beltane I will have a beautiful new tattoo. So excited!!!!

9. Draw up official will – necessary and lacking. I say I am going to draw one up each year and then ultimately I keep putting it off. Hopefully by making it a goal this year I will actually do it.

10. Continue working on Health – in general. I don’t want to lose a certain amount of pounds, I don’t want to have a strict exercise routine. I just want to work on a healthier way of living. Next year maybe I will put down stricter goals but this year I just want to make it a way of life. Ups and down, bad and good days, I just want to try to make better decisions.

11. Go Back to School - the possible opportunity of online schooling being paid by my job is too much to pass up on. So as long as it works out the way I have been told it should, I will be trying to go back to school. If my job doesn’t pay for it – this may get put off. This goal is based on two things, the ability to be able to school from home and the fact that I won’t have to pay for it. Here’s to a Bachelor’s Degree in my future.

It will be interesting to see if this works. That’s a lot of goals for one year and quite a few of them are not complete assignment and check off. They require long term thinking and working. Here’s to 2014 being a great year!!!!


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