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First Post in Dreamwidth.

Well the transfer over from LJ is done. Looks like everything transferred over just fine. Seeing as I haven't been able to get to LJ for a while since my password resets weren't working. I'm really glad this last password held out long enough for me to transfer the information over. It's time to delete LJ.

Dreamwidth has a feature I'm going to have to test, it appears you can post using an email. Emailing my Dreamwidth account so that it posts for me sounds like an interesting feature.

I've missed being able to journal. It's a wonderful place I can say what I want to without judgement or worries.

Tomorrow I have a job interview with the company my husband works for. It would be a big change for me but it is also only 15 minutes from home vs the 3 1/2 hour round trip commute that I currently have. I want this job for so many reasons. Besides getting me a way from Mega Bitch (MB) at work, it gives me so much more time to do things I have been wanting to do. I'll get to drop off and pick up my kiddies daily, something that I have never been able to do. I can join a gym and go to yoga regularly at normal work hours, I can start working on getting certified for teaching yoga, I can help cook dinner at home and best of all I can do all this during the time that I would normally be on my commute which means at night I can write, watch TV, cuddle with the hubby and just relax something that I don't do now unless its after 11 PM.

The down side to the job, it is a receptionist type position that will probably bore me with in the year, I will have 3 weeks of vacation/sick instead of 5 of vacation + 2 week of sick leave annually, no seniority, pay more for insurance, and will still have no place to grow.

All that being said it still has better than dealing with MB. This woman has made my life miserable for the last 18 months at work and as per my job there is nothing they can do about it. There has been no written write ups by my supervisor (his bad), our administrator (who should have known better), and none of this made it to HR as it should have. But hey its all good cause my supervisor is retiring and she is probably about to become the acting supervisor and possibly my boss, so we just have to get along and work together. BULLSHIT!!!! It not all good. I would rather and will quit before she is in charge of my and my work. So I guess that means I have to leave. Since I have to leave I might as well be close to home.

I have asked Hecate to help me find the right job, so if I don't get it I know its not right, but I'm really hoping its the right one. They are the only ones to call back so far and though its not confirmed yet I am pretty sure I have to the end of this month before I have no choice but to leave. so maybe it's a sign that it is the right job for me.

Well here's to hoping. Fingers crossed.
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The chief investigator where I work is retiring today. I have now know this man and worked with him closely for over 17 years. For the next 6 months if we are lucky he will be on a forced retirement leave and then the retirement system will allow him to come back to work. Weird system but after 30 years everyone deserves at least a 6 month break. I glad for him and even more glad that he is planning on coming back, but after 17 years of seeing him regularly, the idea of his retirement has left me feeling ungrounded. It’s amazing how fast time has gone. When I started at my office I was 23 and there were over 40 people ahead of me in seniority in my office. As of tomorrow, only 3 people from my starting date will remain, making me 4th in seniority. I’m also one of the 4 who have been here more than 15 years; the next closest has only been here 11-12 years. Wow! I mean wow. So much has changed. His retirement is bringing about some changes and over the next 6 months our office will run playing the waiting game. It’s made for some nervous energy in the office. We have already had one other person suddenly retire not wanting to deal with the upcoming changes. It should be interesting. We’ll see how we get by… Still I find myself feeling very emotional.


To add to those emotions, in a completely different direction, hubby accepted the managerial supervisor position at his job today. He has only been with the company since January but was asked to apply for this new position by the two other supervisors (one of them being his current supervisor) and by his big boss who as of two weeks from now will be his direct supervisor. It’s a big pay bump for us and makes this the 3rd big bump since last August for our family. First was my promotion to Paralegal, then hubby leaving the shop and joining this company, and now his promotion there. I am so proud of him! It’s bittersweet that it comes a month before his father is supposed to officially close the shop. (Supposedly the lease has already been signed and the sale of things has begun) I know it hurts him and I know he is nervous about the changes but for me it’s a chance for him to shine where his father would never have let him. Still I am very emotional about this, both happy and sad for him and so very excited too.


It’s funny how life works. So much happens it groups, its days weeks, even months of minor activities then suddenly everything happens at the same time. September will begin a rush of things that promises to keep me hopping for the next few months. Three bridal showers, three weddings, Wanderlust, EMLC Annual meeting where I am running for First Officer, TTT Festival in December, Halloween, Samhain, Thanksgiving, Yule, Christmas, a cruise in January, rededication, my baby girls 9th birthday, new promotion which might take hubby to Alabama for a few weeks, a Lindsey Sterling concert I’m hoping to attend with friends, and so much more. It’s like life has hit fast forward and I need to keep up. To top it off, on Sunday I was looking at my baby girl and noticed that her breast area looked puffy. Upon further inspection I realized that it was a swelling of the nipples and an ever so slight definition of breasts. BREASTS!! As in boobs, as in bras, as in puberty!!!! I just wanted to cry. She’s growing up on me. It’s amazing to think that, but it’s true. So much is going on. So much is bursting and blooming around me. It’s pretty amazing and very emotional.
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So 2013 was once again a busy year!! I limited my goals in hopes of making it easier to accomplish and for the most part I have done or am working on it. Happy with most of my progress at least :)

1. Attend one meeting with EMLC, even if thru Internet - this one I got done in person - took it further and volunteered to help out at Turning Tides and I have even managed to ever so briefly attend a second thru conference call, though I had to hang up as I really couldn't hear half of what was going on. Going to try and expand in this next year, though I am not sure if I am making it a goal. Need it think about.

2. Keeping working with Hecate - this one I had sub-goals to accomplish. I had to finish reading the book on her I was trying to read at the time and read a second one - proud to say I got that one done. As much as I live to read, study books have never exactly been easy for me to read. Reading is a mind numbing fantasy world for me that often acts as a relaxing and meditative tool for me, study books don't quite work this way. The third was work on a daily practice - fail! Total fail but I am ok with this. My life does not have room for daily anything and I am going to revise this to work with my life. I will say that I did do very well at regular offerings to her and at honoring her, so I am happy about that. Plus, she decided she needed a chant to honor her at Turning, so I with her nudging came up with one & did a small offering to her at TTT. So all in all I am happy with this goal.

3. Read first book in Orion Farie seership series and work on Farie seership workings - did not finish. But technically started. Meeow712 and I are going to be reading a chapter a month and discussing it. The whole coven is invited to join us in reading or in many cases re-reading it and a few others might be, plus since our HP & HPS know there stuff, they are going to be helping with the breath work & hopefully the many questions we will have :). That puts this goal as a work in progress, to be revised and continued for next year. Yeah!

4. Work on obtaining better lifestyle: a. Start eating better & b. Start and stick with a exercise program - this one had its ups and downs. Was sort of doing ok with to start, but family life got really complicated and we stared ordering Cantina in order to be able to have dinner before midnight. This is where the eating well went completely down hill, there is no such thing as healthy Hispanic Cantina. We are all so sick of Cuban food it's not even working anymore either so we seriously need to come up with a better plan, but nobody who can a - be reliable and b - cook is home before 6:30 - 7 on a good day, so options are limited. Sticking to an exercise program was going better better but not great until my arm went numb and then I had to physically therapy and guess what, I now have a regular exercise program 2x's a week there. Even better it doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon and they are probably going to add core exercises to the whole thing as my new rehab md feels it might be good for me. That and weight loss, which hello was part of the original plan to begin with. So while I have lots to work on with this goal and I have not succeeded anywhere close to what I wanted I am at least working my way back to the right path.

5. Learn about and start working with Zeus - done & done. Sort of anyway, Zeus has very little information out there and what is out there leans toward Hellenic Reconstruction which does not work at all for me. Still what I read and learned was enough to give me a good basis. One of my moons this year I dedicated to him & though not his, used the runes to do a reading. The reading indicated that I would run into a block on my studies for him, and right about Samhain, wham Hades shows back up wanting attention. I also always felt that candles would not work in honoring him so instead I offer him rain water. I have a cup on my altar for his rain water and a jug I use to collect the water whenever it rains. I prefer thunderstorms, but as it is winter beggars can't be choosers, so any rain water works. Need to figure out what to do when it doesn't rain. I also have a few stones on my altar for him including one that is made when lighting hits the road that was given to me by a friend. I take time when it does rain to hail Zeus and all in all I have a good start on working with him. My cards for the upcoming year possibly indicate further growth here, but the original goal was to learn and start both which I have done, so check.

All in all I'd say it was a successful year. Next years goals are in the works. Lots to think about a little time left to decide. :)


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