Day 2

Apr. 8th, 2015 12:47 am
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Ok so looked into blogging today and wow it's a lot more complicated than I realized. Know someone who blogs so will message her for advice.

Until I decided journaling will have to do!!!! (Such a hardship, not)

So today I went for a walk around a little area in dadeland, it's nice and scenic and I had time to kill until hubby got done with PT. I walked for 25 minutes and 1.6 miles. I was winded but not short of breath and totally exhilarated.

Hubby met up with me and we went to the Panera Bread in the same area where I had my new favorite food the Lentil Quinoa Chiken Broth Bowl! Absolute nom nom!!!!!

Got home and did a twenty minute beginners yoga I found on YouTube, Yoga with Adriene. She has a 30 day challenge I think I'm going to try once I feel I have refreshed my basics. It was it was so good but downward facing dog was really hard on my wrists.

Afterward I found a meditation through J bitter sweet also on YouTube that I tried. It was Day 1 of 30 day challenge. She did some explanation and then a 5 minute mediation. I like it and I'm going to try day 2 tomorrow, will see how it goes.

I've been reading some of the suggestions posted about how to start/keep a yoga practice and how to start running. The my have some really great suggestions. Example, morning yoga 10 minutes. Layout mat by bed so it's the first thing you step on. Plant the idea of doing yoga in your mind. Going to try this!!!!

So excited!!!!


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